House Clearance

Clearing a property can be challenging, especially in the light of difficult circumstances. Whatever the job, we are ready to handle all aspects of your clearance and take the weight off your mind. We have extensive experience in all areas of clearance work, so you can feel secure knowing that you’re property is in good hands.


We exercise the utmost care and diligence in all aspects of clearance work, from consultation to service delivery. Our experienced team work respectfully and promptly, ensuring the property is presented completely empty and ready for repurposing immediately. We are trained, fully insured and licenced, so you can leave the job to us with complete confidence. We work according to your requirements, and can begin as immediately as you need - call now to discuss further and book a consultation visit.

End of Tenancy

We assure quicker and easier rubbish disposal for landlords and estate agents - we can handle all the clearance needs so decoration / rental can begin sooner. We can take all residual rubbish, as well as flooring, carpets, kitchens, and any other fixtures that need replacing - fixtures can be removed already or we can dismantle for you.

Garage / Cellar / Attic 

Nobody likes spiders, so we understand if you would prefer us to clear areas where there is likely to be an abundance.

House Move

Sawing sofas into tiny pieces isn’t fun for anybody, so when you’re moving home and need to get rid of old furniture and clutter, we can help by collecting any items that you haven’t got the space or the energy for.


We are experts in large scale property / space asset clearance, and can offer big savings for property owners that need to empty industrial spaces of difficult waste. When time and money are of the essence, Baxter's Rubbish Removals can help save your Space assets quickly and affordably.


Garden rubbish removal is a key tool in protecting your unoccupied premises. Any vacant site is prone to being taken over by nature, in just a few months hedges, bushes, tress and other vegetation can become out of control. An overgrown site provides a clear indication that it is vacant and uncared for, attracting unwanted attention from vandals and squatters. An overgrown site provides a safe, undisturbed habitat and warm breeding ground for rats and other vermin and is often a prime target for fly tippers whose rubbish quickly becomes concealed in the undergrowth. Baxter's Rubbish Removals Facilities can provide a regular garden waste clearance and green waste disposal service; a simple and effective way to reduce some of the risks posed to any vacant premises.

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